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September 24, 2011
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MLP-Bleach - The Confrontation by Huussii MLP-Bleach - The Confrontation by Huussii
COMMISSIONED BY *PKDR for his MLP-Bleach crossover fanfic. [link]

"...The being standing before her was completely unknown 'like the hollow before' her mind couldn't help but think, It stood on two legs, about a foot or more taller then her Pa, back straight with two legs higher up it's body which at each end had 5 small digits like the hollow but without claws,one was covered in blood she noticed grimly, a short black mane was on it's head which came down it's back as two thin braids with rings in each end, other then that no fur or tail was visible, but that may have been because it was wearing clothes! like the princess and princes of Canterlot, the back of it's long white robe was a symbol, a black sideways diamond empty save for two black lines inside, briefly she worried it might be hostile like the hollow or even some type she hadn't yet seen, but the hollows own reaction spoke for it's self..." -Sunsnap

Feat. Soi Fon, random hollow and a young pony named Sunsnap.

Yepyep, I learned alot from my last works. Refined my style and lighting a bit and was quite thrilled about this one. But it went just so damn smooth, everything seemed to lock in it's place and got this done about two times faster than my "Lunar Rebellion". Reduced my layer usage a bit and bam, it became much more easier to work with, and that reflects to the final result, which I actually really like. Didn't expect this one to turn out this good.

Just that.. Proportions are still a little bit off, and this pony, Sunsnap seems to be in rather awkward and weird position, I suck with foreshortening, tried to actually cover it with foliage a bit but.. Whatev.

Hope you like it, Dax!

MLP Hasbro
Bleach Tite Kubo
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Benthemonky 2 days ago
fuck mlp it chers none up thay shoad be shot its not badass its for 6 5 year old girls its frigers do BULSHIT but you gurm ther hair... ther mother fucking HAIR! you maght say its got "great humer"my ass its comdy for little kids lunas the ony cool becuse evil powers but the charters suck ther just lifeles girly girls its killed dragons to a fucking mail brether a unicorn is not a pony a pegasis is not a pony this man made power puf girls that had fighting not a ponys life! CASE IN FUCKING PONIT STOP WACHING IT this is some beter shows for guys docter who power puff girls ben10 pokemon and o so many more that are better to wach
MonotonyArt Jul 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is awesome! 
MaceTheBarrowsLord May 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I swear this needs to be a thing.
Right now.
I like the idae of hollows in mlp XD
at first glance, i thought the pony was derpy, but it isn't.
Wouldn't it somewhat make sense if derpy could actually see hollows?
Tyrrakk Jan 22, 2013  Student General Artist
And then my OC comes in and kills them all. o3o
mlp AND bleach, one worrd sums it all up....bootleg!
Well, wow. That's pretty awesome. Especially when one reads the accompanying text.
"Bankai. Jakubo Raikoken."
"Oh fu..."
"...Oooops. Memo to self: No bankai for me. Not when there are...civilians? the line of fire. I hope Yoruichi-sama doesn't find out...she'll never let me live it down."
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